Meet Jennifer

I’ve always loved to organize and control the space around me.  Clutter creates chaos, and life has little time for being unorganized.  I’ve spent the past 25 years (really my whole life!) perfecting my organization and design skills, while also managing a busy, active lifestyle.  As a mother of 3 children, I know how hectic life can be and the importance of having structure in place to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently.  

A little bit about me:

  • I live in Rockville Centre, Long Island NY
  • I’m an active member of my community 
  • My alma mater is the University of Delaware – Go Blue Hens!
  • I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising
  • In addition to organizing, I love shopping (for anything, literally), Fire Island, exercising, and I’m slightly obsessed (OK, majorly obsessed) with all things Patagonia

My passion for organization and design inspired me to follow my dreams and my heart.  I made the commitment to help others by doing what I love to do, and what I do best – and thus, Living Neat was born!

Jennifer DiMattia