Clear The Chaos: June Edition

Clear The Chaos: June Edition 1024 1024 Jennifer Demattia
So glad you stopped by! I’m a mother of three who has learned over the years that a great amount of simplicity, organization and beauty in my home benefits my family as well as myself. My aim is to share with you some tips so you can also enjoy calmness in your own home.
  1. “A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place”: Kids thrive in a structured environment.  That means, the best way to organize your kids toys is by having a dedicated place.  This makes the clean up routine much easier because your kids know where to put their toys.  Depending on the size and layout of your home, toy storage options could be in the kids bedroom, the family / living area, a closet and/or a separate playroom.
  2. Have less toys: this is THE SECRET to keeping the kids toys from taking over the entire house. Limit the amount of toys your kids have available to play with at a time. Less toys= Less mess
    You could limit the quantity of toys by:
    1. Discarding broken toys and toys with missing pieces etc.
    2. Donating toys that the kids have outgrown or no longer play with yet are still in good condition.
    3. Ask family members to gift non-toy presents for birthdays/ holidays.
    4. Storing toys away and bring out on a rotation.
  3. Store like items together: Yes, exactly what it says!  A simple but effective way to organize toys is by grouping similar items together. Common types of toys are building toys, imagination toys, educational toys, dress-ups, action figures, sports items, puzzles, and so on.
  4. Purchase organizer bins: Baskets or toy bins are great for keeping like items together. One of my favorite toy storage ideas is the Trofast system from Ikea (pictured above). Large toys can be stored directly on top and smaller toys can be stored in the storage bins.
  5. Don’t crowd shelves or overfill baskets: Overcrowding is a guaranteed MESS!  This happens when kids can’t easily get to the toys they want to play with resulting in everything getting dumped out in the process. Instead, space out the baskets or individual large toys on the shelves so that it is obvious where they should be returned. If you find storage containers are filled to the brim, change the size or add more storage containers as needed.
  6. Consider rotating toys:  A regular toy rotation can be a great option for younger kids who are in the habit of dumping all of their toys onto the floor at once.  It also helps when you want to reduce the amount of toys that are available to play with but you don’t want to give them away.
  7. Keep your storage simple: Make it easy and quick for kids to pack away their toys. Kids may not be able to follow through on a storage system that is too involved and time consuming for them. A good practice is organizing lego’s by color (see below).
  8. Have fun with it: This is an opportunity to be creative and have some fun with how you organize.  Whether that’s incorporating the kids artwork into a wall display, using a pegboard to display Nerf guns, or simply creating a corner for reading. Have fun and enjoy!
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