Clear The Chaos: May Edition

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Simple Ways to Get Organized

Have you ever felt like you wanted to get your home organized and didn’t know where to start?  My name is Jennifer DeMattia, founder of Living Neat, a home organization and design company based out of Rockville Centre, NY.  As a mother of 3 children, I know how hectic life can be and the importance of having structure in place to keep your home running efficiently.  

With these basic steps you can achieve a simple lifestyle that meet your everyday needs while also looking good.

  • When it comes to “stuff” less is more. Determine what you need and what you can donate or toss. This sets the stage for reclaiming your space. Eliminate items that are no longer of use, such as clothes that don’ fit, household items you haven’t used in years or simply items that are broken or worn out.
  • Everything should have its own home or designated space. Items should be with like items.  This makes it easier to locate and put away where they belong.  It also allows you to know your inventory.  Each zone has “prime real estate” which should be used for your everyday needs.  This space should be used for items you use frequently, and are assessable to you at all times.   Relocate items you don’t use often to less valuable areas. This creates a well-organized efficient space.
  • Create your space. It’s not about needing a bigger space but maximizing the space you already have. No space is the same but creating an organized space is always possible. If you don’t have enough storage space, create it.

Use baskets or bins to act like drawers. 

Use wall space; “vertical” space allows items to get off the floor.

Divide space using storage containers or dividers. 

  • Use Labels. This is a great tool when organizing. It helps clearly identify where an item goes and definitely makes it easier to put things away within its assigned place. A simple and sustainable solution the whole family can benefit from.
  • Have Fun. Think outside of the box, get creative and have fun!

Your home is your canvas- make every space count

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